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Areg Elibekian Areg Elibekian Areg Elibekian

Vagarshag Elibekian

Photo, Vagarshag Elibekian
Vagarshag in his studio

Vagarshag Elibekian is a primitive, and like all primitive artists, he is careful about details. Born in Georgia, he has reproduced his memories of Tbilisi, painting light-hearted scenes of daily events and rejoicings in bright colors and exacting outline, representing cheerful scenes and happenings with all the colors of the spectrum. His images bring the cities and streets alive, with animals and humans in their costumes.

The life of the "guidos" in Tbilisi reflects their happy-go-lucky character; their main purpose in life was have a life of ease and fun, enjoyment and amusement. These scenes are always populated by people in traditional attire, usually very colorful, and the settings are meticulously reproduced in all the details. Every painting is a complete episode and collectively, we can have a clear insight of the life in Tbilisi at a certain time. Hardly bigger than a commemorative postage stamp sheet, these images are large in concept, capturing the fleeting poetic moments that punctuate the event and are the most elegant distillations of a certain rural and urban experience.

Dr. Garabed Belian,
Art critic,
Detroit, Michigan


Expositions d'Areg Elibekian
Céline Le Merlus
"Elibekian: one name, three generations"

Pages: 60
Publisher: Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec (2008)
Language: French
ISBN: 978-2-920237-27-8
Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 cm.

Robert Elibekian
Pages: 44
Publisher: Artists’ Union of the USSR (1989)
Language: Russian
ISBN: 5-269-00333-3
Dimensions: 27.5 x 20.5 cm.

Robert Elibekian 2014
"Vagarshag Elibekian"
Pages: 160
Publisher: Arts visuels (1991)
Language: Russian
ISBN: 585200-263-3
Dimensions: 21.5 x 18 cm.

Robert Elibekian
"Vagarshag Elibekian"
Pages: 12
Publisher: Société théâtrale arménienne (1980)
Language: Armenian, Russian
Dimensions: 22 x 16 cm.